01.07.22   Gameconvention, Neumünster

06.08.22  INN ROCK RELOADED Festival, Tirol

13.08.22   Heavy Metal Never Dies, Hademarscher Hof

09.09.22   From Hell, Erfurt

10.09.22   EVENTHALL-AIRPORT, Obertraubling

18.10.22   FABRIK, Hamburg   (Special Guest for „UFO“)

27.10.22   Theater des Friedens, Rostock

„Unplugged – Acoustic Pilgrimage“*

17.11.22    Meisenfrei, Bremen

*„Unplugged – Acoustic Pilgrimage“:

Acoustic Pilgrimage Pressfoto S_W.jpg

Songs by Velvet Viper, Zed Yago and more

Jutta Weinhold und Holger Marx have been playing around with the idea of performing songs by Velvet Viper and Zed Yago Songs in an ‘unplugged’ format for quite some time. This has now become reality with their ‘Acoustic Pilgrimage’.


Revenge, Queen and Priest, Ring of Stone, Fairy Priest,  Beacon Light, Rain,  Don’t leave before Wintertime ect. as well as new songs from the current album ‘Cosmic Healer’, arranged for acoustic guitar and vocals, and also some classics by Dio, Rainbow, Savatage, Iron Maiden. Power Metal in a completely different style. 

We’d love to come to your town, your club and your stage.

Jutta Weinhold, Vocals

Holger Marx, Guitar, Backing Vocals

LIVE REVIEW im RockHard Magazin:

267961959_10219788776734662_8259560532130248520_n Kopie.jpeg

LIVE REVIEW im Metal Hammer Magazin:

MH Keep it true Kopie.JPG