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Only one viper, Velvet Viper
Never killed anyone

…… is an enchanted princess!
Far back in time in the Egyptian era. The last Pharaoh Cleopatra went to the river Nile to catch a few vipers. She didn`t want to live any more. She wanted to commit suicide to die in fast way. Dead set on doing so she put the snake box into her vault built of hundreds of stones. All the serpents bit her to death but only one didn`t. This viper took the crown from Cleopatra’s brow and put it on his tiny head. It took her several days to dig herself through the cold stone grave into the light and into freedom.

NEWEST ALBUM of the Band: Cosmic Healer

VELVET VIPER kündigen Vinyl Re-releases an

VELVET VIPER werden ihre Alben "Velvet Viper" und "The 4th Quest For Fantasy" auf Vinyl veröffentlichen - remastered und mit neuem Artwork!

Beide LPs werden am 08.07.2022 bei Massacre Records erscheinen und können hier bestellt werden:

Velvet Viper (Remastered) »

The 4th Quest For Fantasy (Remastered) »

Beide Alben wurden von Alexander Krull im Mastersound Studios remastered.
Das neue Layout wurde von Roland Heckmann gestaltet.


VELVET VIPER im Rock Hard Magazin


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